The Stresses of Tenure

If you are like me, you have many friends and family members who do not understand the stresses of tenure. I can't count the number of times non-academics have said to me, "Don't worry about tenure! So, what if you don't get it. It's not that big of deal!"

Once you explain that it's "Tenure or Bust," the reality sinks in. But it's a reality that most of us academics face in our career. There's been a lot of discussion on whether tenure is outdated and should be eliminated. But today, it's still a part of academia that we deal with. 

Tenure reviews often deal with a lot of paperwork. Statements on teaching, statements on research, statements on scholarship...the list goes on. When preparing these documents, there are many things to consider:


  • How do you know that you are being clear about the work that you have been doing for the past five to seven years? 

  • Are you adequately separating your work from that of your former advisors or former/current mentors?

  • Do your statements adequately reflect what you have in your CV? 

  • Are you providing concrete evidence to support your larger arguments about your work?

Nicole can help you with your summaries. First, she will have a discussion with you about the values of your department/university as well as the requirements for tenure. She can then take your draft statements and provide you with revisions and advice for making your arguments for your tenure stronger. She will cross reference your documents with your CV and assess for consistency. 

Member price: $244*

Non-member price: $325*

*Based on two-hours of work. Services do not garuntee tenure. 

Ready for help with your tenure summaries? Contact Nicole today!

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