Turning your CV into a Resume

Maybe you are a graduate student who is unsure if you want a position in academia or industry. Maybe you are a faculty member who is decided to take a job outside of the university.

I have several colleagues who have floated between academic and non-academic jobs. I also experienced this challenge when I was on the job market many years ago and decided to apply for a research position with the federal government. Ultimately, I did not get the job - not the worst outcome, since I landed a tenure-track position in the region of my choice! However, I completed the challenging task of changing my CV into a resume that at least put me on the short list and helped me get an interview!

In some ways, CVs are easier to draft than resumes, because there tends to be no page limit and you can add any experience or accomplishment you want.

But, what if you want to condense that CV into a resume? Yikes! That can be difficult. Here are some tips:

  • Resumes ideally are 1-2 pages, which CVs can be unlimited in length. If you are applying for a non-academic job, managers will not or may not look through a lengthy CV to see if you have the skill-set needed for that position.

  • Non-academic managers are not interested in the number of papers you have published or presented at conferences. They also may not be interested in your teaching experience. Find ways to summarize these achievements.

  • Non-academic managers are interested in hiring professionals who will stay with them for some time. Therefore, individually listing research projects where you worked a year or less may not fully demonstrate your commitment. Finding ways to collapse multiple projects to make your work history appear more stable is key.

Need help on your resume? Send Nicole your CV and she will work to revise it into a resume that will get you noticed! Or maybe you have a resume and want to jump into academia - don't hesitate! Contact Nicole today for support and feedback on your CV or resume today!

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