Money is limited for junior scholars, so you only pay for the help you want!

Job coaching can be expensive - many charge $250 or more an hour while some companies make you commit to months of coaching, costing you thousands of dollars!

Dr. Nicole Ruggiano has been providing support and training for graduate students and junior faculty throughout her career. Now she's ready to take her advice and support to the web! 

The best part about the Academic Career Clinic is that you can just pay for the specific services you want. Don't know what you want? Schedule a coaching session with Nicole where you can work together to assess and prioritize your needs so you don't pay for services you don't need. 

Want to see what we offer? Check out our list of service below:

Becoming a member of the Academic Career Clinic has numerous benefits. First, it offers you the opportunity to email Dr. Nicole Ruggiano up to four times each month and receive personalized responses about your career questions (up to one paragraph in response - some questions may require an additional teleconference session). In addition, you will receive 25% off all other services - this is a bargain if you anticipate needing a number of services when you are actively on the job market, reaching third year review or tenure review. 

Price: $30 for six months.

Save money with a one-year membership for only $50!

Make sure that your CV and/or Cover Letter convey to potential or current colleague what you want to say about you and your work! Get advice on how to best highlight your skills and abilities. Make sure that your audience will be able to understand and appreciate the special contributions you have to offer! Dr. Nicole Ruggiano will review your materials and provide you with feedback (in writing or via conferencing) about how to revise your CV or Cover Letter so that it brands you and your work. Make these documents work for you!

Member Price: $75

Price for Non-members: $100

Prices are based on 1-hour of work. 

Are you preparing statements or summaries for your tenure file? Need help with describing your work or tying multiple projects together under one theme? Many you need help with figuring out what to highlight and what to de-emphasize. Have Dr. Ruggiano review and edit your materials for clarity. She may not be able to provide discipline-specific feedback, but will be able to work with you to create statements that adequately reflect how you want your work to be represented. 

Member Price: $244

Non-Member Price: $325

Price is based on up to 10 pages of material and includes a conference session. Additional pages or consultation will be negotiated. 

Need to know where to start? Have a specific issue to discuss? A one-hour consultation is what you need! Dr. Ruggiano will talk with you about your career plans and goal so you can work together to meet whatever needs you have. Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • How do I approach the academic job market?

  • What may be the best academic job environment for me?

  • How do I plan for a conference, telephone, or campus interview?

  • How do I develop a strategy for getting tenure?

  • How do I balance research, teaching, and service at my institution?

  • I'm an academic who wants to work in a non-academic setting - how do I prepare for the job market?

  • I'm not an academic who wants a faculty job - where do I start?

  • I have an academic position - what do I do if I want to change institutions mid-career?

The list goes on! Simply tell Dr. Ruggiano when you book your appointment about the topic you want to discuss and she will prepare ahead of your conference session so no time is wasted!

Member Price: $75

Non-Member Price: $100

Whether you want help with conference, telephone, Skype, or campus interviews, learn the skills you need to be a top candidate! Nicole can help you be prepared to answer potential employers' questions so that your message is clear, interesting, and on target! Get to the next stage of the job search process!

Member Price: $75

Non-member price: $100

Putting together a presentation about our work is difficult! Especially when time is limited. Whether you want advice on presenting for a conference or job interview, Dr. Ruggiano can help! 

Member Price: $150

Non-Member Price: $200


Price based on 2-hours of work.

Review and feedback on slides without video-conferencing or presentation feedback: 

Member Price: $75

Non-Member Price: $100

Price based on 1-hour of work. 

Dr. Ruggiano has extensive experience with developing professional development curricula for doctoral students who will later be on the job market. She can work with faculty or conference organizers to develop half and full-day workshops based on your students' interests and needs. 

References available upon request for workshop and conference planning events.

Contact Dr. Nicole Ruggiano today to receive a quote! 

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