What does your CV or Cover Letter Say About You?


Chairing and serving on a number of search committees, I'm often surprised when we interview applicants for positions only to find that their CV doesn't match what they say about themselves as scholars. The problem with a poorly-constructed CV or Cover letter is that you don't know what you don't know - you could be sending out information about you or your work that is putting you on the bottom of selections lists. 

How can Nicole help with your CV or Cover Letter? She can...

  • Make sure that you are including all relevant information about yourself.

  • Make sure that your CV or Cover Letter best match job descriptions.

  • Make sure you aren't including any "red flags" or fluff.

  • Make sure your CV or Cover Letter reflect how you verbally describe yourself. 

  • Make sure that your CV or Cover Letter is clear and not confusing. 

Case in point: I had a colleague who had been working many years as a clinician (with some research experience), but wanted to return to academia in a tenure-track position. One look at his cover letter and I said, "This cover letter looks like you are apologizing for your clinical experience and begging them to see you as a researcher." 

He was shocked! He asked me for help. 


With some editing here and there, we revised the cover letter so that it screamed, "I'm a confident researcher with the bonus of ten years of practical experience to guide my work!" The end result? He landed the exact job he wanted. 

The best part about having Nicole work with you on revising your CV or Cover Letter is that she will provide detail to you about how to improve upon writing these documents and show you how to use the revised document as a template for future job announcements or other purposes. 

Hence, this service will pay for itself over and over again!

Member Price (CV OR Cover Letter): $75

Non-member Price: $100 

Want both? A membership will save you money!

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