Be the candidate they want to hire!

As a faculty search committee chair and member, I've seen a number of junior scholars who have really strong CVs and cover letters, but fall apart during their interviews. Are you sure you have the skills needed to wow potential employers about you and your work? 

Nicole can give you the skills you need to give a polished presentation:

  • Summarizing your work for a 10-15 minute conference interview. 

  • Give you strategies and skills to give a clear and dynamic telephone or video-conference interview. 

  • Work on question and answer sessions with common questions that candidates are asked during interviews so you can give the clearest responses.

Nicole knows how potential candidates are assessed. You don't want to be that candidate who provides superficial, incomplete, or unclear responses to potential employers' questions. 

Member Price: $75*

Non-member price: $100*

*Based on a one-hour consultation. Consultation does not guaranteed desired results. 

Contact Nicole today to schedule a one-hour session that could potentially get you the job you want!

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