How can one hour change your life?

Sometimes we come to a crossroad in our career and we aren't sure of the best path forward. 

  • Maybe your are on the job market, but not sure about where to apply or what job is best for you.

  • Maybe you are a doctoral student and need tips on presenting yourself as a potential colleague to potential employers.

  • Maybe you need ideas on developing a publishing strategy that will help you meet tenure requirements. 

  • Maybe you are in a situation that you are unsure how to handle politically or ethically in your department. 

What do you do if you have no mentor to talk to or are unable to talk with a mentor?

Don't fret! Nicole is here to provide advice and support. 

Nicole can help you with your academic career dilemmas, even if you aren't sure what type of help you need. You can both work on a needs assessment together. In one hour, she can give you personalized advice and provide you with the tools you need to move forward through challenging times in your career. Find out today how she can help you advance in your career!

Member Price: $75*

Non-member price: $100*

*Based on a one-hour consultation. Consultation does not guaranteed desired results. 

Ready to schedule a consultation session? Contact Nicole Today!

Not sure what kind of advice you need? Contact Nicole today for a free 10-minute assessment that will help guide a future consultation session. Don't waste your time or money!

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