Why do you need the academic career clinic?

Let's face it, we are working in an era where tenure-track positions are becoming harder to come by and tenure requirements are at their highest. The competition is fierce! 

Sometimes getting the support you need from faculty or colleagues is difficult or maybe too many are giving you advice and you are suffering from information overload! 

Getting the help you need to be competitive in academia shouldn't be so hard! It also shouldn't break the bank. Many career coaches charge $250 or more per hour or require you to spend thousands of dollars by committing to weeks of workshops or courses. For many graduate students and junior faculty, that is more than they can budget! 

For years, graduate students, junior faculty, and non-academic professionals wanting career changes have turned to Dr. Nicole Ruggiano for advice and support on navigating their career. After years of seeing others succeed, she's now taking her insight and resources to the web! Find out more today about how she can help you with your career! Maybe you just need help with creating an eye-catching CV. Maybe you need another set of eyes on your tenure statement. 

At the Academic Career Clinic,  you only pay for the services you need! Nothing more! 
Meet Your Coach: Nicole Ruggiano, PhD, MSW

Dr. Nicole Ruggiano is an Associate Professor at the University of Alabama and previously was an Associate Professor at Florida International University. She has a PhD in Urban Affairs and Public Policy (University of Delaware) and an MSW (Master of Social Work, Temple University). A social worker by training, she is skilled in conducting needs assessments, advocating for clients' needs, and identifying and accessing resources. Nicole also has receive specialized training on faculty career development and navigating the job market! 

Nicole's extensive experiences in her academic career have given her the knowledge and skills that can help graduate students and junior faculty get ahead, including:

  • Securing a tenure-track academic position during the Recession.

  • Achieving tenure at two research institutions.

  • Being selected as a John A. Hartford Geriatric Social Work Scholar.

  • Securing external funding (federal and private) for her research activities. 

  • Serving as Faculty Search Committee Chair and being a member of faculty search committees in multiple disciplines.

  • Publishing in highly-visible, peer-review journals. 

  • Member of the editorial board for an academic, peer-reviewed journal.

  • Being selected as a TEDx speaker for her research in aging and health. 

  • Consistently receiving high ratings on student course evaluations. 

  • Changing institutions during mid-career. 

  • Chairing and serving on numerous doctoral dissertations. 

  • Coordinating pre-conference full-day workshops focusing on academic career development. 

When Nicole isn't working, she is enjoying life in Birmingham. Her hobbies include running, cooking, and playing the piano. Her favorite past time is cooking Indian food for her family and friends. 

Learn more today about how Nicole can help you!

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